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Welcome! My name is Erin -- military officer & mom of two by day, RRCA run coach by night. I'm here to help YOU achieve your goals while sharing my health and fitness journey!


Work With Me...

As an RRCA certified run coach and former Division I athlete, I'd love to help you achieve your running and fitness goals!


- 1-On-1 Coaching (currently FULL for Spring 2019): The most personal, interactive coaching experience. We start off by taking a few days to get to know each other, discuss your goals, current fitness, and time available to train. From there, I create a custom training plan for you. Everything is laid out for you -- distance, pace, workouts, and even recommended recovery days! Every 1-2 weeks, I review your training, assess the next step, and deliver and update plan. Rate: $50/month

- Custom Plans: One-time custom plan creation. We'll discuss your goal and current fitness, and I'll create a custom training plan to help you get there! Like 1-on-1 Coaching, your plan will include runs at prescribed paces and distance and workouts tailored to your fitness level. Rate: $50

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